The top stories of 2020

The top stories of 2020

As we have done in previous years, the Security magazine team compiled our favorite articles from this year. As we head into 2021, we hope you take a moment to review some of 2020’s top articles about lessons learned, thought leadership, security challenges and good practices.

  1. Managing Risk, Business Continuity and Resiliency during a Pandemic: This article explores the story of a physical security leader being propelled into new roles during the pandemic, and the visitor management solution that the company repurposed for COVID-19 response.
  2. Security leadership: Women on the frontline: What does success look like in the enterprise security industry? Meet 13 female security executives who are at the forefront of the field. This article takes an in-depth look at female executives in the security industry that are succeeding in leadership roles.
  3. The Rise of Extremism: The rapid growth of extremist groups provides many challenges for enterprise security. Learn about the challenges associated with extremism, along with risk assessment tools security leaders can employ at their organizations.
  4. How Video Analytics Help Security Drive Awareness and Insight: In diverse industries, video analytics help security to get a clearer view. Check out seven business sectors that can benefit from video analytics and how security leaders can deploy these technologies to gain further situational awareness.
  5. A Unified Approach to Pandemic Response: Follow Corning Inc.’s COVID-19 response efforts that included tightly coordinated efforts across the company’s global security departments to address everything from employee travel to quarantining to remote work and manufacturing continuity.
  6. The Changing Role of the CISO: How is the role of the CISO evolving, and why does it matter to physical enterprise security executives? This article explores the continuing intersection between physical and cybersecurity, along with the changes roles of security leadership roles in both areas — an important topic and one that continues to evolve.
  7. Uber’s Global Security Team: Enabling Security as a Competitive Advantage: Learn how Carla Gray, Director of Global Security, and the security team at Uber ensure world-class safety and security programs to protect Uber’s people, assets, and operations, and build resilient communities.
  8. Planning For the Unplanned: How Organizations Can Build Their Resilience to Protests and Other Unplanned Events: Despite the ongoing threat of coronavirus, 2020 has been a year of protest. From Minnesota to Belarus, growing social, economic and political change has driven protesters to the streets. Here are five crucial steps your organization can take to ensure business continuity and resilience to protests and other unplanned events.
  9. The Most Influential People in Security 2020: Check out the 2020 Most Influential People in Security – 22 top security executives and industry leaders who are positively impacting the security field, their organization, their colleagues and peers, and the national and global security landscape.
  10. How K-9 Programs are Force Multipliers: How do you know if a K-9 program is right for you, and how do you get started? Meet the Campus Security team at North Greenville University (NGU) in Tigerville, S.C., who have implemented such a program and seen their security operation capabilities grow exponentially.
  11. Setting the Gold Standard in School Security: Read on to learn how Mike Matranga at Texas City ISD is on a mission to become the safest school system in the nation, by arming guards, using facial recognition, bullet-resistant glass, tracking students with chip technology and employing mental health experts.
  12. Managing Access in Higher Education during COVID-19: What strategies can security professionals in higher education implement to ensure safety and security without hindering the learning environment?

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